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Winter Coming

Over the last few months the weather here in Latvia has been pleasant and nice.

Whenever I had the chance when I was not working, I enjoyed the outdoors.

Sunday, the 27.September was according to Latvians and the weather forecast the last warm day of 2020, and you can imagine as a sun loving African what that means for me.

The next 6 months or so will be cold as winter is fast approaching.

Latvia has pleasant weather in summer and it gets pretty cold in winter. In winter it is sometimes getting as cold as-6.6 degrees Celsius(20.1°F) to-2.8°C(27°F). Continuous snow cover in Latvia lasts on average around 82 days, with an average of 177 frost-free days a year. This means I will stock up on Vitamin D and spend many days indoors, which for my home office job is perfect anyways.

So on the last warm day of the year, my wife Leila met up with Olaf, a German friend of mine who works in Riga in Jurmala, the beach resort town of Latvia.

Many visitors had the same idea to spend the day at the beach.The weather and day was just perfect.

We brought our picnic with us and spent the whole afternoon at the beach sunbathing and taking in the heat.

I will most definitely miss the hot summer days but I'm prepared for the coming Winter.

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