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The Transcending Artist

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

"Art washes away the dust off our Soul."

My blog is a neighbourhood block, a crossroad where talented Individuals from around the world meet up and they learn from one another. As a poet and writer I love to share their stories.

Meet Arjun Mallik, a talented artist from Chennai, India.

I first met Arjun on FB where I came across one of his wonderful paintings so I reached out.

His talent is undeniable and he most definitely has won me over as a new fan.

I like the fact that he celebrates his Indian heritage.

Arjun primarily paints in water colours as the fluidity of this medium allows him to be malleable and open to different painting styles.

The subjects Arjun loves to paint range from Indian to Western portraits, urban scenes, seascapes and still life.

He does Acrylics and oil paintings for portrait orders.

Also Arjun follows the old masters method for oil paintings of portraits while combining contemporary ideas.

But being a true master at different skills, Arjun is also an Art teacher, Animation background artist and a certified Freelance Yoga teacher.

Born and raised in the industrial city of Chennai, in India's south, this talented individual

decided to leave home and completed his Bachelors in Fine Arts in the USA.

After many years Arjun returned home to India where he currently lives, but his dream is to one day open up an Arts & Yoga Studio either in Norway or Germany.

Arjun is a member of the National Watercolour Society and the American Watercolour Society. His work is being privately collected in India, the USA and Europe.

His work is beyond amazing and each painting tells a story.

For more Info on Arjun Mallik and his paintings please contact him:


Facebook: Arjun's Musings

Instagram: @artist.arjun

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