The Baby Diary: Preparing for Parenthood

Everyone experiences a wide range of reactions to becoming a parent, from excitement to ‘is this really happening!?’

My wife Leila and are pregnant and we are excited that our baby is due shortly.

For us just like for many people before and after us, becoming a parent means that our hopes and dreams have come true.

True there's still lots to figure out before the baby arrives, and I am glad the 9 months are flying by fast.

In the midst of these uncertain times caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, God chose this dark time for us to bring our child into this world and we are more than thankful and appreciative.

I observed how my wife's body changed and admired how strong she is.

Together we went through the highs and sometimes lows of emotions that come with a pregnancy but the good outweighs the bad by far.

As well as sorting out practical stuff like a pram or clothes for the baby, part of preparing is about making sure We are as best informed as we can be about what’s going on.

I stopped counting how many doctor's appointments we went to, but I salute the healthcare workers and their professionalism here in Riga, Latvia.

It’s also important to take care of my partner, and myself.

Mental health is also important especially during lockdowns and home office times, and our daily meditations & exercises took care of that.

My cooking also keeps improving as we eat healthy.

This is only the beginning of a life time journey; There will be lots of times when I am sure I don’t quite know what to do, but I will try and remember that it’s the same for everyone – I am learning on the job.

It is a process of trial and error, good days and bad, and it’s common to take a while to feel comfortable and confident in our new upcoming roles...To Be continued

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