The Baby Diary: Ondeya - I have Arrived

Sunday, the 7th March 2021 at 16h53, our baby girl Ondeya Edite Monica Shimwafeni was born via a Caesarean delivery.

It was a day I will cherish for as long as I live.

Ondeya weighed an impressive 3950 g and was 55 cm long at birth.

Ondeya means "I have Arrived" in my Namibian Oshikwanyama language.

For the middle names we decided on Edite(Edith) which is the name of my wife's mother and Monica, which was my late mother's name.

It was Leila's first birth giving and at first the doctors and midwives were keen to bring our daughter into this world via a vaginal birth.

In the afternoon they however decided it was safer for mother and unborn child to perform a Caesarean delivery. Childbirth is always emotional and demanding.

I felt compelled to hide my feelings of insecurity and nervousness behind a confident, calm façade so I could support Leila during childbirth.

My partner had endured long labour pains for which she received anaesthetics and I had a strong sense of “Oh my god, she is going through this absolute hell”.

Before the midwives wheeled Leila away into the operation room for her Caesarean delivery, we both prayed and I held her hand.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic measures I was not allowed to attend and had to wait.

After what seems like an eternity one of the midwives brought out our daughter to me.

It was unbelievable. The world stopped. There was absolutely nothing else that crossed my mind and absolutely nothing that I could think of other than how miraculous this was.’

For now Leila and Ondeya are recuperating and I am staying together with them in the hospital until end of the week. The doctors here are wonder and they look after mother and daughter around the clock.

Our journey has only just begun and Leila and I look forward to our family....

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