The Baby Diary: Hospital Check in

On Thursday 04.03.2021, I accompanied my wife Leila to the hospital for a scheduled appointment with her doctor.

It was supposed to be a routine check up to see if our baby is ready to be born.

Little did we know that everything was going to change..

I was seated in the reception welcome area awaiting my wife.

Because I didn't yet do my Covid Test I couldn't enter the hospital with her.

The next thing I saw was Leila coming back to the reception and informing me that she was booked to stay overnight for observation.

I took a taxi home, got her already packed bag, the baby's bag and rushed back to the hospital to bring her her clothes and some food.

On the way there I was wondering "Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything"

Afterwards I quickly headed to the clinic for my Covid test at 7 pm.

When I finally got back home I couldn't sleep because of anxiety.

Friday, the next day the first thing I did when I woke up in the morning, was to check my e-mails for my Negative Covid 19 test results the clinic had sent me.

Its quiet impressive how fast I had my test results back (a negative Covid 19 test is needed to stay with your partner in hospital)

Around midday I took a taxi to the Rīgas Dzemdību Nams hospital.

The Maternity Hospitals’ Admission ward provides medical assistance constantly all day and night to women who are pregnant or in labour.

I was quiet impressed how friendly the staff and how clean the rooms are.

They also provide family rooms so that husbands like me can also stay and support their wifes.

Rooms come with a view, fridge, TV, an exercising ball and private bathroom.

Rīgas Dzemdību Nams hospital

The Riga Maternity Hospital (RMH) is the country's largest and most modern delivery assistance and prenatal care authority with nearly 70 years of experience in the area of the provision of the delivery assistance and gynaecological services.

At the Maternity Hospital, every year an average of 6000 deliveries are conducted, which is roughly a third of all the deliveries in the country.

Participation of the expected father or another close relative is willingly accepted.


Miera street 45, Rīga, LV 1013

Info: +371-67011225

Friday afternoon we had a visitor, a seagull standing by our window observing us.

Leila and I saw it as a good Omen that God is in control of the birth of our child.

During the course of the evening midwives and doctors came every hour or so to check how Leila and our unborn child are doing. That went on throughout the night.

That's work commitment.

She is now starting to experience strong labour pains and contractions that are normal when the female body prepares itself for birth giving.

Today is Saturday, the 06.03.2021 and our baby decided to keep us waiting just a little bit longer for her arrival. Together we continue to pray and meditate.

We know its now all in God's hands.

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