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Tervete Nature Park

Easter Sunday is always family day.

It is the time Christians celebrate and remember the crucification and rebirth of Jesus Christ.

My wife Leila is unfortunately spending time in hospital with our daughter Ondeya for a routine check up, and it breaks my heart that I can't be with them until they come home this week.

But her parents Dzintars and Edite felt like I needed to get fresh air and they came to pick me up from home to go spend the day at Tervete Nature Park and to also visit their sister.

We drove the few kilometres out of Riga on this sunny day.

We had nice lunch at their sister's house before we embarked on a 3-5 km walk in the park.

Latvia is blessed with many natural parks and lakes and I always enjoy spending time outdoors.

The Tervete Nature Park with its wooden sculptures, winding pathways, bridges and plankways spanning the valley of the Tervete River will take visitors to the fairytale world populated by the characters of the works by the renowned Latvian writer Anna Brigadere. The park is operated by the state-owned forest manager - the Latvijas Valsts Mezi company.

As you know this Covid lockdown has many people here in Europe staying indoors and the best remedy is to always head out into nature where one can breathe fresh air.

I decided that the Tervete Nature Park is one of the best places I have been to here in Latvia and I recommend anybody who visits Latvia who make a turn there.

There are many paths to walk around on and it is also family friendly, which means I will definitely bring my daughter Ondeya here once she is a bit older.

I hope you all enjoyed a peaceful Easter weekend and I give thanks to God for continuing to bless me and my family.

Have a blessed week ahead.

To visit the Tervete Nature Park contact:

+371 26950975

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