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Speak the Naked Truth

Everyone loves quoting Poets. We relate to their words and admire or dislike them but very few make the effort of looking into what these authors are going through and how it influenced what they wrote.

It is important to realise that with all their talent, at the end of the day, Writers are just humans who deal with life's blows just like Everyone else.

Verua Kavezeri from Namibia is one such poet, she does not wrap up her words to please her readers, she speaks her naked truth in a way that one can feel what she is going through.

I have posted 2 of her poems below.

Ragged little pill

Ragged little pill, you don't know how sick you make my stomach.

Every time I swallow you, I have to Gag and vomit.

They say you are my salvation, my Shortcut to life's sobriety.

With you kicking through my veins, you bring me inferiority.

You make me stagger through the fucking day all crazy and hazy.

I become a Zombie chasing dreams though I am totally lazy.

Ragged little pill, you cause Havoc in my sorry sordid existence.

The bleeding doctors are so freaking by the clock with their prescription.

Your stupid lawyer convinces you that they should be my life's Mission.

Hours on Hours purely wasted, pleading to let it go, let it flow.

For five painstaking years I have been taking them on the go.

Till that point my parole officer had no more threats to throw.

Ragged pill, you make me Morph into a hazard to myself.

Don't let me trap me, and turn into a delusional lost elf.

Falling and tumbling through the maze, all the while flabbergasted.

My thoughts silently Scream at me and my thoughts are procastinated.

I hope from one Moment escaping the last, yet I don't make it Pass.

Caught in a realm in which I am my worst enemy in an endless Cast.

Ragged little pill, you make me poor and others stinking rich.

From the psychiatrist to the tax man. What a fucking Bitch.

Everybody is conspiring to keep t he Hype going and flowing.

We, the so called lunatics have to bear the brunt. All that we are owing.

Stuff it all, the pills and the saga. I have found my own drug.

It makes me feel puffy, elated and makes me and makes me enjoy each fuck.

Road Less Travelled

You got to be pretty tough to choose the road less travelled.

It is the true path down an ordinary Street, which for the meek shall be cancelled.

Don't give it too much thoughts, just dive into the water, it might turn warm.

After all there is always the error calm After the thunderous storm.

If for wickedness you strife, you might just Reap what you sow.

When the Harvest approaches, you will realize, failure is what that has grown.

You got to be pretty tough to choose the road less travelled.

In pain you need to disbelief and in agony you shall Revel.

You shall be a martyr to safe yourself and your kindred Souls.

In the shades of distant infiities you shall meet again, like owls.

You will find that all is not lost After all. There is a brighter sky.

Until then you have to contemplating to remain calm and high.

You got to be pretty tough to choose the road less travelled.

Yes, I am pretty tough, and all the roads I have travelled are gravelled.

I take pain in my stride and in any Event, I got nothing to hide.

I go through life fucking and diving cause eventually peace I shall find.

I shall Conquer my maze and find Serendipity in my tormenting Tornado.

At the bitter end I know everything will go down the right flow.

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