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Sammy the Tour Guide

Namibia is an amazing country situated in the south-western part of Africa and borders South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Distinguished by the Namib Desert along the Atlantic Ocean coast, the country is home to diverse people, natural wonders and wildlife, including a significant cheetah population.

I highly recommend Namibia as a destination on your next trip, and the best way for you to appreciate and witness it at its best, is to book a guided tour with an old friend of mine Samuel Hilundwa or short Sammy.

Although Sammy has been in the tourism industry of Namibia for many years his eyes still sparkle every time he explains the sights, wonders and nature to visitors.

He was born in the coastal town of Walvis bay and grew up in Swakopmund.

His professional Tourist Guiding began in 2003 as an employed township tour guide.

A year after the company introduced Sand boarding in the Namib Desert(yes you can do that fun activity there).

In 2005 Sammy completed his Level One Tour guide courses and decide to work at a lodge(resort) as a field guide to gain valuable experience.

That was only the beginning and after many years of having worked as a field guide, he decided to go his own way and started Sammy Tours Swakopmund.

Sammy has not looked back ever since, and even though now might be a quiet time for him due the ravaging pandemic, he has his eyes set on the horizon.

Its only a matter of time again that he will once again be fully booked to show his beautiful Namibia to the many visitors.

I highly recommend a guided tour through Namibia with one of the best guides I know. And when you are on Tour with Sammy, send him my warmest regards.


FB: Sammy Tours Swakopmund

Instagram: @hilundwa samuel


Telephone: +264 81 2731573

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