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Roger Clifton "Black-a-moor" Keiseb - True Skool

Rodger Clifton Keiseb is a born Namibian with six siblings who loves traveling between Europe and Alkebulan. He is a rap vocalist, song writer & poet who worked in telecommunications with a growing interest in the trading industry. Being a linguist like most Africans are, allows him to make waves as a private eco-tourist guide who operates from the beautiful Cape town, which many call the "Mother City" of South Africa. His Mother tongue "Damara/Nama" which is spoken in Namibia and belongs to the Kwoe family of ancient African languages, is a very close dialect to the ancient San language. This surely makes for an interesting encounter during his guided tours as he provides direct translation between an European Language like German with Kwekwegobab which is spoken by the San.

Under the Moniker "Black-a-moor"; which within itself means "black person" an ancient non racist interpretation or distinguished identification by early Europeans who came it contact with either the "Pigmy, Kushite's, Nubians, Bantu or San/ Hadza people who migrated from Africa to Asia and Europe. Crossing either via "The Horn of Africa" or Ethiopia region or via ancient "Kush and Nubia" which is todays Egypt region to Europe.

His first underground release of 2012-2013 "Prescription" is a 43 track list long-player, divided between two CD disk. His only release to date may also be classified as a theme based record. From the cover artwork with its artistic satires or the track list setup which covers outspoken tunes such as; "Dear Widow", "Mother Nature Strikes Back" , "Closer To God", music videoMake Me Cy” and dedication for the late Noble Peace Awarded: Nelson Mandela ,titled "Freedoms A State Of Mind“.

This private release will be uploaded on most music related online platformssoon,so be on the look outmusic videos:

He spends his time perfecting his chef skills, in order to combat a certain unspoken inequality between couples within society when it come to simple house-hold chores.

He is currently working on his Memoir and his second album "TrueSkool" is in the works under the independent label of same name.

You can reach him at

or on Instagram as 1blackamoor1 or Facebook as Rodger Keiseb.

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