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Riga Zoo - Rīgas Zooloģiskais dārzs

Summer hit most of Europe and this weekend Leila and I decided to visit the zoo in Riga.

I used to work as a tourguide in Namibia and I am so used to seeing animals free in nature.

I enjoyed visiting the zoo but I felt like the animals were not free and happy.

The lions for example looked at me with sad eyes and I felt like they feel like us during Corona lockdown.

Anyway it was a nice day and we learned alot.

We payed Eur 7 each and we spent the whole day in the zoo.

We ate lunch there and visited all the animals.

I wanted to see the Black panther & the tigers but they did not have have them at the moment.

In the end it started raining and we rushed to the Metro to get home safe.

Today was a good day.

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