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Riga in Spring

Spring has officially arrived here in Latvia, the sun is shining most of the days and its day light until 9 pm in the evening.

I had told you in one of my earlier blogs that Riga is a beautiful city. Wow and now in Spring she is coming alive.

People are keeping their distances but, you can see Latvians riding their bikes, families out in the parks and everybody seems to be in a good mood.

Latvians are renowned for their introverted personalities, so its good to see happiness during this Corona times.

I also respect how everybody keeps their privacy and distance.

We visited the Victory Park (Latvian:Uzvaras Parks) which was created in 1909 and the Monument of Freedom celebrating the fallen Russian soldiers that were killed during 1941-45 ( Not many Latvians love it though).

Riga has many beautiful Parks and I will know all of them by end of this year.

Oh by the way, I have officially received my Latvian resident's permit, I looked at their official statistics, and this makes me the first Namibian to get one.

Another record for the Afronaut. The only thing is now that I have to learn Latvian the language and trust me it's not easy at all, but well I love challenges so I will see and keep you informed.

For now well let me enjoy the sun some more.. We talk soon.

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