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Rhymes of Reflection

Vivienne Niessa Prungu, also known as Lady Black, is a seasoned Namibian poet, writer, motivational speaker, singer, choreographer, and director.

There is something truly remarkable about the way Lady Black narrates tales of love, loss, joy, grief, beauty, and even racism. Her work delves into themes of self-love, self-celebration, and the journey to healing.

She skillfully employs captivating language to convey her thoughts and inspire her audience. Her poetry resonates deeply, enriched with impactful punchlines and metaphors, conveying a wealth of emotions. She crafts her words in a manner that ensures the poem encapsulates all the feelings she intends to convey.

I've had the privilege of witnessing the transformation of Lady Black from a timid 12-year-old writer with a desire to share her poetry with the world, into a renowned and respected wordsmith.

She possesses a Diploma in Contemporary Dance and Drama and characterizes herself as a person who is spontaneous, passionate, and deeply spiritual.

Her sources of inspiration range from the ordinary to the abstract and even the taboo.

Lady Black's hobbies include immersing herself in nature, reading, writing, and exploring various cultural and religious beliefs. She is a dedicated human rights activist, advocating for the marginalized and underprivileged.

For those interested in her work, here is one of her poems for your enjoyment:


The more I defended a lie, the angrier I became

Shuffling my feet between truth and beating around the bush

Instead of lowering my head to the obligatory level of penance

And blundering back to God for my many transgressions

Distorted projections of distractions overwhelmed me and before I knew it,

I was swiftly sinking into a pit of falsehood

A wrecking ball came at me again and again until finally the words cracked a hole large enough to fit inside my brain

And in so doing, those split my atoms apart

“The truth shall set you free”, said God

It took a few seconds to find my voice, How do you talk to God?

Was there another set of words, a secret code? I found myself murmuring “God?”

It was more like a hum interrupted by open lips and always to my surprise God beckoned me home

As if nothing happened, even though at times thoughts of suicide left me without the self respect to keep myself alive

I was being driven by shock and grief in the backseat and my guilt in the front, swerving between lanes of lonelines and mistrust

Sleeping and eating badly, exhausted by emotions

“Forgive” said God

I was rottten about myself and became rotten to everyone else, even to those that I testified to love

I felt as if I was going into battles with no back up

I was innocent, so young and past tense

“I love you”, said God, and when I heard those words, that gave the validation for my purpose.

You can contact her through the following means:

Phone: +264 81 7810032

Facebook: Vivienne Niessa Prungu


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