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Relax in Vaxholm

It's been just a few days that my family and I arrived back in Latvia from Sweden, but it seems just like yesterday to me. Today I write about Vaxholm, Sweden.

Just about an hour boat ride from Stockholm, Vaxholm is a world away from the fast paced hustle of Stockholm.

This small community comprises over 50 islets in the Stockholm archipelago.

Vaxholm’s center is a lively picture perfect Swedish town where colors seem brighter, the air is fresher and life moves at a slower pace.

The town of Vaxholm was established in 1558, when King Gustav Vasa bought some farms from Count Per Brahe the Elder.

Considered the capital of Stockholm’s archipelago this idyllic island community lets you experience Swedish small town life without having to travel far. Once a fishing village Vaxholm later became a favorite summer spot for socialites. Today many artists have made this town their home, which is no surprise because around every corner the quaint streets and charming homes provide plenty of inspiration.

Because of it’s proximity to Stockholm a day or weekend trip to Vaxholm is the ideal side trip when visiting the Swedish capital. Whether you are visiting for the day or staying for a couple of nights there are a lot of ways to enjoy the beauty and laid back atmosphere of Vaxholm.

The beautiful coastline of Vaxholm provides many opportunities to get in touch with nature, from fishing and swimming to hiking, biking or taking a boat ride. You can explore the remnants of a canon battery that was in use from 1700’s until 1970, visit the old fort and much more.

Mimmi, who works at the Vaxholm Stad tourism centre will be glad to assist you and advice you on all the different activities you can do in Vaxholm. Since we visited the town in Winter when it gets dark around 15h00, I suggest you best visit during the summer months.

Vaxholms Stad Tourism Information centre

Tel: 08-541 314 80

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