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Quarantine Day 10: Day of Smiles

Started my day with a smile and it stayed on my face the whole day long.

You ask what made me smile smile?

Well, I know God loves all of us and Iam alive, damn why do we stress the small stuff.

I feel lighter,happier and even my wife told me Iam glowing like a pregnant woman.

We Cycled to the nearby Park, which like all other public places currently we had to have to ourselves. Time for relaxation in the sunshine and a Latvian beer after.

I am praying for all my people in Namibia, South Africa, Greece, Germany (the countries are too long to mention) who are or going into Quarantine.

Stay home and all will be well, we are stronger together.

This time is challenging, but we will emerge glorious (unless bars stay open).

Hope the Army won't be brutal while enforcing strict measures.

I got my eyes on you.

Other than that I danced by myself while my wife was in the shower(don't tell her) and I noticed my hip hop moves are still a killer.

Today I want to send a message out to everybody suffering and struggling, you are not alone we are all together in this. I love you all. Talk to you tomorrow.

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