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Psalm 28 Verse 7

by Inamuvulwa "Ina" Willibard

Greetings, I'm Inamuvulwa "Ina" Willibard, a Namibian living in Windhoek, Namibia's lovely capital.

Nessy, Thank you for inviting me to share God's message on your page once more.

I've created a new page called "A Saturday Alarm Clock by Ina" (

on my personal blog on Facebook page.

The idea is to make Bible verses a daily bread for individuals who require them on a regular basis. It's termed an alarm clock because I share them early in the morning with the intention of providing a solid foundation. Why Saturday? Because most people are busy Monday through Friday, and Saturday is the only day when they can relax.

Psalm 16 verse 8 narrates that “I have set the Lord always before me because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved”. David is teaching us a strategy he has adopted to have God besides him plus putting him not in his left but right hand. God become his safety net as he does not disappoint. Putting trust in God you are rest assured safety. The scripture helps us understand that God can help us especially in the time of trouble, sick, depressed, suppressed, oppressed, accused, betrayed, hurt, pain, with fear, confused, frustrated, irritated, aggrieved, angered…..

Therefore, when you need guidance, God is always there, he is always available and ever ready to give us counsel. Also, what we focus on become a reality. If you focus on problems, then problems will overpower us. When we focus on the Lord, he become our hope and security and we are not shaken. Remember always what David said in this scripture “He is at my right hand, I will not be moved”….

For more Info contact:

Inamuvulwa "Ina" Willibard

Whatsapp: +264 812484184

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