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Proklaim - Keeper of Conscious

Recently my wife Leila asked me which artist I am currently listening to.

"Well I am having Proklaim on repeat", I told her as I took my Beats by Dre headphones off.

"Who is Proclaim?", she innocently asked me, so I sat her down and gave her the memo:

Ever since I can remember, I have and still love Hip Hop music.

You see the genre is not just about some dudes picking up microphones and rapping real fast, but it is the art of story-telling in a whole new dimension.

True, some historians and critics will reason that Hip Hop developed in the 70's in the Bronx, New York, but I know for sure its roots are deeply embedded in Africa.

So while Hip Hop was birthed in Africa, it was made famous in the USA, from where it became a world wide known brand.

Meet Proklaim, one of the best Rappers/Lyricists I know and who really is not too concerned with the mainstream scene, which the social media focuses on.

Now just like him I hate it when musicians curse or worship money and degrade women.

If you haven't heard of anything about him yet, make sure to take a listen as his style is real and conscious.

Born to Ugandan parents and having spent his early years in Zamibia,

Alexander Kiremire, who goes by the artist name Proklaim became a fan of hiphop music at an early age.

However it was only during his final year of university in Namibia, where he currently resides that he began to really try dabble in writing rap music in 2005.

Proklaim is passionate about the music and more so about message driven content that aims to deliver a timeless message as well as motivate listeners.

He remains most passionate about the creative process even as he continues to multitask the running of a business in Namibia.

He attributes several artists as being Influences that inspired him to begin his journey of writing songs. These include, the Wutang Clan, Lauryn Hill, Nas, Tupac Eminem, Big Pun and Jay-Z to name a few. And just like his inspirations he has been blessed with a poetic flow that captivates his listeners.

Conscious hip hop, or socially conscious hip-hop, is a subgenre of Hip Hop that challenges the dominant cultural, political, philosophical, and economic consensus, and/or comments on social issues and conflicts.

Themes of conscious hip hop include Afrocentricity, religion, aversion to crime and violence, culture, the economy, or depictions of the struggles of ordinary people.

Conscious hip hop often seeks to raise awareness of social issues, leaving the listeners to form their own opinions, rather than aggressively advocating for certain ideas and demanding actions.

Proklaim remains a fan of the music and is adamant about it being likely the most powerful music form due to its ability to incorporate a potentially broad and dense lyrical content in a single verse or song.

He continues to create and make music out of a genuine enjoyment of it and derives great fulfilment from the thought that a listener is positively influenced by his content.

He gives credit to Wojtek Majewski for engineering & mixing his music.

Another interest of his is physical fitness and running which he has been into since his teens but in recent years pursued with a greater intensity siting that the lessons he leans through physical challenges have taught him to remain focused on other objectives in other areas of his life.

But I have written enough, let his music do the talking, so excuse me while I put my headphones back on...

Below are links to his work:

Kingz video:

Eat video:



Alexander Birungi Kiremire


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