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Play On-An Ode to the Keepers of Rhythm

a Poetic & AI Visual Art Collaboration by Nessy Shimwafeni & Ronald Washington

In Africa's heart, where rhythms were born,

Soulful musicians, a legacy sworn.

You celebrate life with each sweet or sad note,

In melodies, emotions you emote.

With passion you sing, and instruments you play,

Working tirelessly to brighten our day.

In the daily hustle to make ends meet, you strive,

Creating the magic that makes us feel alive.

You carry us through good and bad times,

In your melodies, you find the purest rhymes.

We dance and lose ourselves in your rhythms so sweet,

We respect your hustle, in every beat.

Soul food, your tunes feed the soul,

Nourishing spirits, making us whole.

The sun in your music, a warm embrace,

In its golden rays, we find our place.

You connect the globe, like whispers on the breeze,

From Africa's roots to far-off seas.

You bridge the divides that may set us apart,

Your music is the language of the human heart.

Poem by Nessy Shimwafeni

AI Art Work created and Copywritten by Ronald Washington

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