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Oshosheni Hiveluah Tribute to a Great Film Producer/ Writer

by Nessy Shimwafeni - It's has not been that long since, Oshosheni Hiveluah, one of the greatest persons to have graced this earth, passed on and left us with many questions like Why?

Oshi, as she was passionately called by everybody, left a void in the African film industry that will never be filled again.

Not only was she a great story teller n producer, but she was also a compassionate and avid listener who brought the sunshine into every room she walked in.

She was a pioneer in every sense of the word, and her many contributions to the African film industry will never be forgotten.

I got to know Oshi while we were growing up in East Germany as former refugees, and upon our return back to Namibia, Africa, I witness her blossom into one of the greatest personalities Namibia would ever bring forth.

She pave the way for many women and film producers, by showing them that if you work hard you can achieve anything in Life.

I remember how excited she was for me when I brought my story I had written, "100 Bucks" to her. She told me back then that this is Movie material and she took it upon herself to fine tune the script and promptly turned it into an award winning short film.

Such was the great power this woman possesed.

Oshosheni Hiveluah, was a Namibian filmmaker who directed, wrote and produced narrative short and feature films.

They all dipicted the everyday life and struggles of the Namibian people.

Her filming career began after she returned home to Namibia from studying in Cape Town and participated in a student filmmaking workshop.

Her dream was always to be a writer.

As fate would have it she ended up writing and directing this little student film which was called ‘Tulila’s Fate’ which opened up more doors and opportunity into the local film industry.

She went on to work for a local production service company for several years to gain experience in the film industry and during that time she made her second short film ‘Cries at night’.

After that she couldn’t ignore the nagging feeling any longer, she wrote and directed more films, it wasn’t enough for her to work on other people’s films.

In 2010 she quit sher producing/partner job in pursuit of that dream. She became a freelancer with the primary focus entirely on film directing and writing, but survival instincts kicked in and in order to have a regular income she also opened up a casting agency called Shooting Stars Casting Agency.

From there next short film ‘100 Bucks’ followed and in 2014 ‘Tjitji the Himba Girl’ was completed. Many more films and awards followed, she has also collaborated with other African writers from the region.

I pay tribute to Oshi and as I write this feature with tears in my eyes, I speak for the thousands of people who's life she impacted on a most personal and positive manner.

Her Legacy will never be forgotten!!

Rest in Peace Dear friend

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