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Niita Indongo

Niita Indongo is a renowned namibian freelance sculpturer.

Born in Zamibia and raised as a refugee in the former German Democratic Republic,

she studied Art in Romania.

Ever since then she hasnt looked back.

She had exhibited her art in renowned places like the Goethe Centre amongst others.

The mother of five resides in the small town Grootfontein in Namibia and she says its her children who encourage her sculpting,paintings and poems.

Here are some of her short poems.


Confession of a Truth Seeker

by Niita Indongo

And as we passed

through many halls,

While dragging hard

through endless years

one fragile truth,

one single breath...

a gentle push.

Made us to turn

and so we saw

a looming edge.

we stood there frozen

forever lost.


by Niita Indongo

One day, slowly, unexpected, ....

You lay next to me.

"nothing seems easy, yet it is!"

Come closer, you said.

You and I , we could have despaired.

But here is a sign of compassion.

We could celebrate

or let's keep quiet.

" love is never found, it finds!"


by Niita Indongo

I saw you coming,

straight for me.

We did hold hands,

lightly though.

Then furthers there,

from out of time...

Our silvery laughs,

caught in a whirl ,

of a hazy breeze.

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