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New Photography Hobby

by Nessy Shimwafeni

Well by now you should have experienced it the Kodak moments that you took over the years and people told you it cant' be done right.

I never cared about what the masses say, aways find something new to create.

I took up a new hobby which is photography, and my wife Leila and I bought new cameras.

Trust in Canon it always delivers but Sony also has the magic touch, I always use my trusted Canon while Leila likes the Sony with digital enhancements better.

We are natural explorers and having a good camera while you travel and take pics is the best. I advice between Sony and Canon.

We went from taking pics from Smartphones to

professional cameras.

If you travel, always have a good camera at hand.

Let your beautiful images in your head come alive.

The world is a canvas that waits to be painted by you.

See you on the other side of the camera....

(Photos by Leila Neimane)

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