Hate feeds off Love As Bad as it is, Even Lucifer remains God’s Nemesis.

Dark versus Light started in the book of Genesis The devil blinded Eve with a fruit that wasn’t his, Alpha and Omega versus Triple Six Angels vs Demons, It was Judas who betrayed Jesus with a kiss.

Tupac versus Biggie it all started with a Diss Rumble in the Jungle, Muhammad Ali almost killed George Foreman with his fists.

Hate feeds off Love As bad as it is, Even Lucifer remains God’s Nemesis

Israel controls Palestine without mutual benefits Arabs versus Jews, now you see what their dilemma is,

Would Dr Martin Luther King still be alive today if his lethal hit would’ve been a miss? Why did Brad let go of Angelina Jolie from under his armPitts?, Did Nelson and Winnie Mandela make up in heaven to sit and reminisce? We all have a choice to either knock on heaven’s door or to perish in the abyss,

Hate feeds off Love As bad as it is, Lucifer remains God’s Nemesis

Nessy 05.05.2021

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