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Ndahafa Mutongolume Transformation Life Coach

by Nessy Shimwafeni

When we become adults in life we start our individual journeys of self discoveries and purpose.

Everyone has a unique path laid out before them and some call it their divine calling.

I first met Ndahafa Mutongolume in Windhoek, Namibia many years ago, having been introduced by a mutual friend. Talkative and strong-willed I knew right away that this woman was destined for greater things, and would suit either in show business or standing in front of many people. Well guess my first impression of her were right.

Afronaut: Blessings Ndahafa, its been ages we haven't actually met up.

I guess with this new development in the world, meeting online has become the norm.

Thanks for chatting to the afronaut, please tell us more about yourself.

Ndahafa: Thanks for allowing me a platform on your beautiful blog Nessy.

I come from the northern part of Namibia, I was born in Zambia during Namibia's war for independence, and grew up in Slovakia and Germany.

When I was younger I had the privilege to travel to different parts of the world, and I am a qualified Cosmetologist by profession, which I have obtained in Germany, Berlin

Iam a young adult woman that believes in the future of Africa and its people.

Iam passionate about making a difference in people and changing lives.

I have always been passionate about inspiring others to grow, to learn and to move from where they are and to where they want to be. 

Iam known for one thing, be it in Relationships Business, Wellness, Image, if you look out for one word, that would describe me everytime I talk is Transformation.

I will never leave you without being Transformed. And I do know that every human being has an inspirational story to share. 

Afronaut: How did you start?

Ndahafa: When I talk about my journey to faith in Christ, I usually say that I became a Christian a baptized in 2012. My spiritual journey started after everything about my life started falling apart. I knew there was something more to life. I lived my world life more and more depressed. Growing up I faced alot of rejection because of my strong and powerful personality that didn't seat in well with some people. The rejection I faced was Manifestation of how tough it can be when you want to live an extraordinary life or when you want to make a difference and to make a difference you should be ready to fight. I encounted so much brokenness because of the challenges that I went through and I choose to follow Jesus to persue myself and rediscover myself to find my identity and live a meaningful life. 

A leader needs to be a learner. And the learning needs to be constant. It proves itself to be true over and over again that you can learn from anyone in any leadership position.  Church leaders are no different. So, my encouragement is that no matter what work you do, learn from everyone you can. Afronaut: What book has had the greatest impact on your understanding of leadership? Ndahafa: A Leader within you 2.0 by John Maxwell  Afronaut: What are your most important lessons that you can give? Ndahafa: if you want to grow to succeed, you need to come out of your comfort zone, don't be afraid of failure, because there is where you learn and grow, spread your wings.  Afronaut: What are your reading habits? Ndahafa: for now Iam reading Becoming one by Joe Beam, it's a book that gives an array of real - life stones and down to earth teaching that clearly illustrate what hurts relationships and what builds them. A Christian insight into the dynamics of intimacy. The book I choose to read also depends on my mood. I would pick something casual when Iam trying to divert myself, I would pick something intense when I want to do some focus reading. 

Afronaut: What motivated you to become a motivational speaker? Ndahafa: After my life started falling apart and after discovering my purpose in life, I realized that, there are many Ex Ndahafas out here who needs a hand, who are stuck and need help, who are battling with staying with what they are good at or reaching for greater. I had this burning passion deep inside me to do deeper work to changing peoples perspectives on how they view the world and what they can actual achieve and how, people who are stuck in unhealthy relationships, career name it all. I learned that all that heavy lifting I was doing despite how strong I was. It was not helping me work smarter, but there is a better way to breakthrough to the life God calls us to live and that way is Jesus and I am called to lead someone to this way. 

Afronaut:Who are the historical figures who have influenced you the most? Ndahafa: Martin Luther, Bill Graham, Kathryn Kuhlman, Aimee Semple and Jack Coe.  Afronaut: Did anyone put you through a plan for leadership development?

What was the plan? Ndahafa: Nope, I did all the work myself, through self development online trainings, reading subject matters related books, attending Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, meeting new people from all source of life. 

Afronaut: Do you have a plan to intentionally develop yourself as a leader? Ndahafa: Yes difinetly, look within, to learn through my experiences, to move out of my comfort Zone, embrace failure, focus on the future, leverage my weaknesses, always keep learning.  Afronaut: Do you have a plan to intentionally develop others into leaders? Ndahafa: Yes, I have established a Coaching and Mentorship Academy, which covers Personal Development, Leadership Development and Spiritual Development. 

Afronaut: I believe you wrote a book on Spiritual Growth? When is it available to the public?

Ndahafa: My new book The Effective Christian Life talks about the Power of God's word in our lives and the difference God will make in our personal lives, through the Knowlodge of His word.

Further it teaches some good practises and basic Principles upon we can build an effective Christian life. It will be available in May and readers can contact me.

Afronaut: How do you separate yourself effectively from work to rest? Ndahafa: Limit the time I spend on line and switch off my phone.

 Afronaut: What are your main goals in leadership? Ndahafa: To learn to listen, think strategically, create coaching methods, proper time management, mentor someone, make more mistakes, set higher goals, innovative and create more and always learn something new.  Afronaut: Describe your process for developing a vision and mission for your organization? Ndahafa: Purpose  Mission  Step 1: develop your winning idea  Step 2: clarify your goal  Vision Step 1: find the human value in your work  Step 2.didyill into values  Step 3: combine your mission and values  Afronaut: Finally do you have a family?  Ndahafa: Yes I do have a beautiful Daughter 11 years and a handsome Son 8 years old. And they are blessed and Highly favoured in Jesus Mighty name.  Afronaut: Where can the readers and interested people out there reach you?

Ndahafa Mutongolume Christian Transformation Life Coach The High Impact Mindset Transformation Academy PTY (Ltd) 📱+27 6070 118 12 🇿🇦 📱+264 81 2522 852 🇳🇦

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