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MISS JEY ARTS Celebrity MakeUp Artist, Model & Entertainer

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Everyone wants to look their best and go out there and rock the world.

If one person has the skills to transform a normal person into a celebrity, it has to be Judith Mwinga, better known as Miss Jey Arts.

She is a celebrated MakeUp artist, finest of the finest who has the ability to make even the famous Mona Lisa painting look normal.

Blessed with a skillful set of hands, an infectious smile, a mind like Albert Einstein and supernatural good looks, she has the ability to turn any world of black and white into a kaleidoscope bursting with colours like a rainbow.

I stole 20 minutes off her busy schedule.

Miss Jey was born in Luanda, Angola to Namibian parents and spent her childhood in Bellin, East Germany with many other african children who were displaced during Namibia's war for independence.

Miss Jey is a selfmade fashion makeup artist and the founder of Miss Jey Arts cc, a company that handles her many requests for her Make Up services.

She has worked on a number of big personalities in Namibia and Africa, ranging from Business leaders, Musicians to Actors.

She has won awards like a heavyweight boxing champion across Africa and had been nominated for awards in the USA too.

She startedd off as a fashion Model, recording artist, she was even a TV presenter for a while.

Miss Jey strives to inspire aspiring makeup artists and entertainersto always work hard, be consistent and to take pride in their work while at the same time remain humble.

Afronaut: Ongaipi?, What's Up, How are you doooiiing?

Thank you for taking time off to be featured on The Afronaut,a blog that features made talents like yourself. (

You spent some of your childhood in Germany,do you still speak German and how many languages do speak?

Miss Jey: Yes I have spent some of my childhood in East Germany, Bellin.

Unfortunately I can't speak the language fluently anymore (giggles).

When I came home to Namibia I didn't go attend a German school, so I had to learn other languages, and learn the local culture and traditions.

In total, I speak 3 languages fluent, which are Oshiwambo, Afrikaans and English.

My Subia is a bit sketchy but I understand well.

Afronaut: How do you relax when you are not being creative? Miss Jey: If I'm not being creative, I watch some old horror movies, watch some YouTube conspiracy clips, or read online articles or play games. It really depends on my mood at that moment.

Afronaut: What is your favourite food? Miss Jey: My favorite food is Sushi, or a good thick juicy steak. Yum.

Afronaut: Which country would you like to visit next? Miss Jey: The country I would love to visit next once this Corona Pandemic is done and Travelling is allowed again, is France.

I've always dreamed of seeing and experiencing the city of love and fashion, Paris.

Afronaut: What Do You Love Most About MakeUp? Miss Jey: What I love most about makeup is having to see my clients extremely happy about the outcome. That's the best past. It's a work of art and it gives me peace of mind.

Afronaut: Do You Know What Are Some Common Beauty Mistakes That Women Make? Miss Jey: Some common mistakes women do with makeup is having to see defined lines of contour and highlights, not blending them well,

Overdrawn eyebrows or making them too dark, Over applying glow and wearing lipstick that don't suit their lip size, eg, too much bright pink lip color.

Afronaut: What is the One beauty product that you can't work without?

Miss J: The one product that I can't work without and that I carry with me when I work, is a Face Primer.

A Face Primer helps smoothen the foundation application and helps to keep the rest of the makeup on longer without cracking or bubbling .

It also works as a barrier between the skin and makeup.

Afronaut: What Is Your Favorite Quote? Miss Jey: My favorite quote is 'She Believed She Could , So She Did'.

Afronaut: What Three Makeup Item Should No Woman Leave Home Without?

Miss Jey: 3 makeup items women should not leave home without : Face powder, lipstick or lipgloss and Lash glue if they wear any. Otherwise a face Spritz to keep the skin hydrated.

Afronaut: Tell Me How Old Were You When You Became Obsessed With Modelling and MakeUp?

Miss Jey: I was in primary school when I got obsessed with modeling, I think around 8.

The first time I watched Miss Universe in 1992, I was amazed and immediately fell in love with the elegance and posture of the ladies. It was beautiful.

And then I saw Naomi Campbell, the Supermodel of all models,

I immediately loved her, I wanted to be just like her.

So I started taking part in all tiny Beaty contest in People's Primary School hostels, I loved the attention I got.

Afronaut: Who Are the People That Have Inspired You Throughout Your Career?

Miss Jey: And as for my makeup obsession , it was when I saw my mother in 1996, I was 12, she came to visit all the way from USA.

She was so beautiful and she wore that makeup so neat, classy and with grace.

I immediately fell in love with how the makeup made her look.

And she wore it minimal but so stunningly. There and then, I knew what I wanted.

I get inspired by makeup influencers that change the makeup game every day . Those that come up with new techniques and products. It is my dream to have a beauty line of my own one day, no matter how long it will take me. Basically any amazing makeup artist out there inspires me everyday. It never ends.

Afronaut: How To Best Prepare Dry And Oily Skin For Foundation Makeup Application?

Miss Jey: How to prepare dry or oily skin before makeup.

Skin prepping is very important, -Moisturize the skin, then apply sunscreen, then apply some serum to feed the skin with some vitamins.

Keep your skin and body hydrated, drink plenty of water.

Wet a cotton pad with Micelar water, pat onto skin, apply primer and then foundation.

That technique will keep the skin hydrated underneath all that makeup.

Afronaut: I am sure many out there want to know how Do I Get Rid Of Wrinkles or minimize them? Miss Jey: It's impossible to get rid of wrinkles unless you getting botox.

But one can minimize them by drinking water, applying vitaminE & A oils, wearing sunscreen every day, avoid direct sunlight and sun heat and steam your face at least 3 times a week to encourage collagen buildup. Moisturize your face and apply night serums.

This helps rejuvenate your skin while you sleep.

Afronaut: Please Explain About Your Experience As A Makeup Artist? Miss Jey: My experience being a makeup artist is often great and calm, but you don't always get kind clients,. Sometimes you get really difficult and angry by nature clients.

That's why I refer myself to being more of a beauty therapist, as to just being a makeup artist. One has to be very patient and calm when working with makeup clients, I use that time to basically provide a therapy session without them realizing. I talk calmly with them and you my brushes softly on their skins. Most of my clients tend to take a little nap during the session, if they are not sharing their sad moments with me, and that gives me peace and freedom to do what I love without being anxious. There are bad times sometimes, when I feel like my energy level is not on 100 and I can foresee that I'm about to do a bad job,. So in a case as such, I do a quick meditation, align my zen and energy, because I have to be on 100 all the time. It's like being a massage therapist but with brushes.

Afronaut: How Much Of Your Input Do You Add To Achieve The Results The Photographer Is Looking for? Miss Jey: When I work with a photographer, I try to understand what they're really looking for and what the concept is all about. I ask for example an idea board, the background, if it's indoors, outdoors. If it's colorful or more earthy. Artistic or not. So I make sure I use everything close to the models skin tones, use more cream base foundation, as it makes the skin look more hydrate and healthy. I try not to use to much setting powder unless there are a lot of movements involved. I would opt more for mineral powder as it removes shine and keeps the skin looking glassy and young. And doesn't create flashbacks. I like giving photographers exactly what they want and it also helps them with editing less. Kind of like making their job less stressful.

Afronaut: What are your future plans?

Miss Jey: My future plans, I've got so many dreams I still want to achieve,.

I'm not really bothered by how fast my age is catching up, even if Iit takes me longer than anticipated, I dream to live my dreams one day. I'm really looking forward to penetrating the theater and movie industry and as well as ramp makeup. I've always wanted to do a degree in cosmetology, and that's one of my dreams I'm putting my energy and time into. I mean, you're never to old to reach your goals, as long as you working towards them, that's close enough steps.

Afronaut: Miss Jey, it was my pleasure chatting to you and I will definitely get back to you for make up tricks(please dont tell anyone). I wish you all the best in your endeavors and I will book a front row seat at your next international fashion show. Where can Ladies & Gents who are interested to get in touch with with you contact you?

Miss Jey: (giggles) Nessy the pleasure is all mine and keep giving a platform for artistic talents out there. You will have a front row seat with your wife when I go International. We got This!! People can contact me on the follow platforms:

FB: Miss Jey Arts

Instagram: @missjeyarts_makeup

LinkedIn: Miss Jey Arts

Youtube: Miss Jey Arts

Tik Tok: @missjeyarts


Some Nominations : -Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2016 (Best Southern African Makeup Artist - Uganda) -Simply You Magazine 2017 (Favorite Makeup Artist - Namibia) -2 Uollywood Awards 2018 (Epic Promising/Artistic Makeup Artist category & Epic Creative Makeup Artist category - Miami, Florida) -Katutura Fashion Week Awards 2019 (Makeup Artist Of The Year- Namibia) Award won and counting: Simply You Magazine (Favorite Makeup Artist - Namibia)

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