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Women are from Venus and Men from Mars

When I look into your eyes I glance beyond all stars.

I dug tunnels to the depths of my own weakness

I proudly carry my scars,

In the beginning Cupid shot us with two of his darts,

I was a fool for having built a shaky foundation beneath a house of cards.

I was not ready, but you never ceased to start

You saw me bludgeoned by circumstances, still you reached out for my heart.

Women are from Venus and Men from Mars

My struggles is baggage I left behind in my past,

look at all the trials and tribulations together we have surpassed.

Love that is blessed by God, is always meant to last

We are on a Spaceship flying high, I hope you are having a blast

To Infinity and Beyond,

we fly until the end of times, our universe is vast.

Nessy Shimwafeni


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