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Kemeri National Park - Latvia

This morning I woke up excited as I was able to leave the house and breathe in fresh air and walk.

The destination today was the Kemeri National Park situted an hour's train ride from Riga where we stay.

After I prepared bacon and eggs for breakfast ,we were off, the sun was shining and the weather was perfect for hiking.

Lativia has beautiful forests, lakes and landscapes, different beautiful from Namibia with its dry climate where Iam from.

I soaked in the fresh air and the 15Km hiking we undertook through the Kemeri National Park was unforgettable. Nature, Water, wildlife and Us.

Nat King Cole said it beautifully when he sang "Unforgettable That's what you Are".

Kemeri National Park

Kemeri National Park(Latvian:Ķemeru nacionālais parks) is a national park west of the city of Jūrmala,Latvia. Established in 1997, Ķemeri is the third largest national park in Latvia by area, covering an area of 381.65 km². The territory of the park is mostly occupied by forests and mires, the most significant of them being The Great Ķemeri Bog (Latvian:Lielais Ķemeru tīrelis). There are also several lakes, that are former lagoons of the Littorina Sea. Lake Kaņierisis aRamsar site. The park also protects the famous natural mineral-springs and muds, used for centuries because of their therapeutic nature. The springs led to development of many resorts, spas, and sanitariums in the 19th century.This Latvian National Park s special for its great biological diversity

The Great Kemeri Bog is one of the largest of its kind in Latvia.

Spend a Fabulous Day in Kemeri National Park:

  • go on a walk along the nature trails at Lake Sloka, Forest House and Lake Kanieris;

  • visit the Great Kemeri Bog boardwalk at dawn;

  • go on a cycling trip along the Green Dune cycling path;

  • watch birds at Dunduri Meadows and observation towers at Lake Kanieris and Lake Sloka;

  • meet some birds as you walk the Reed Boardwalk;

  • enjoy the delicious smoked fish bought at Ragaciems Market;

  • take a part in some of the annual events at Kemeri National Park;

  • take the Barefoot Path near Lake Valgums.

Flora and fauna

In The Park are hundreds of different species of moss, lichen, fungi. A lot of plant species are protected.

Lake Kanieris and the Great Kemeri Bog are internationally-important areas for birds. The feeding and nesting opportunities in the park are particularly favourable.

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