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Keeping it Cool

Blessings to everyone, well depending on where we are on this planet called Earth, we all experience either Summer or Winter approaching.

Here in Latvia its Autumn now but Winter is fast coming before I can say JUMP.

I love the coldness coming and God has something beautifully planned for my wife and myself but I will keep you updated as time goes by.

For now I just want to tell you all please keep safe especially in 2020.

Today this weekend we went out and enjoyed the Autumn days that are hitting us here.

Culture centre "Ziemeļblāzma"

The Place to go today was the Cultural Centre.

Origins of the culture palace "Ziemeļblāzma" date back to 30 March 1903 when patron Augusts Dombrovskis presented a land plot to the Abstinence Society "Ziemeļblāzma" and promised to look after the maintenance and development of it.

In the middle of the park there is the culture palace "Ziemeļblāzma" that is both of a historical and cultural value and is a unique architectural heritage of the Art Nouveau period.

The palace park boasts several ancient objects and some newly established recreation areas. During the restoration works the rotunda and the mushroom have been renewed using the columns of the burnt-down building of the culture palace for their foundations.

Alley of vines has been re-established, which initially was of a height to allow a horse cart to ride through during the traditional Children's Festival; the artificial grotto has also been renewed; French-style garden with a fountain, children's playground and multifunctional recreation and sports field have been established. The ancient tea-house with a tower has also been renewed.

We enjoyed our day there and the restaurant offered good but cheap food.

Like I said Good news is on the way and you will be the first to know.

I love you all no matter where you find yourself in this big beautiful world.

I write this with deep warmth from my heart, much love from a colder getting Latvia.


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