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Jelgava - Latvia

by Nessy Shimwafeni

My people today We explored beautiful Jelgava, not far from Riga

, the capitol city of Latvia.

Jelgava was destroyed during the 2nd world war but the people of Latvia rebuild it to its former glorious beauty after wards.

I was amazed by its unique parks and restaurants.

And since its a university town you feel the study vibes of young people everywhere.

When you visit Lavtia make sure you stop here in Jelgava.

Jelgava (pronounced [jælɡava]; is a city in central Latvia about 41 kilometres (25 miles) southwest of Riga with 55,972 inhabitants (2019).

It is the largest town in the region of Zemgale (Semigalia).

Jelgava was the capital of the united Duchy of Courland and Semigallia (1578–1795) and the administrative center of the Courland Governorate (1795–1918).

Jelgava is situated on a fertile plain rising only 3.5 metres (11.5 feet) above mean sea level on the right bank of the river Lielupe.

At high water the plain and sometimes the town as well can be flooded.

It is a railway center and is also host to Jelgava Air Base.

Its importance as a railway centre can be seen by the fact that it lies at the junction of over 6 railway lines connecting Riga to Lithuania, eastern and western Latvia, and Lithuania to the Baltic sea.

Well like I told you Latvia is a small beautiful country in the north-east of Europe with exciting secenery and amzing landscapes.

I learned one lesson that every country has something unique to offer that you dont find anywhere else.

I give Lavtive a 8 out of 10 points and perhaps it will reach a ten soon.

We keep seeing more and I feel like I want to have Latvia and Namibia as my homes.

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