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January - Birthday & Music Studio time

Greetings to you, hoping this message finds you well in your respective corner of the world.

Its a Birthday

In our recent escapade, my family and I embarked on a cold but delightful week-long holiday to Latvia.The primary reason for our visit was to commemorate Leila's father's 70th birthday, a milestone that brought family together for a great, accomplished gentleman with integrity.

I was honoured to be part of this important occasion and to witness different generations of Latvians coming together to celebrate their patriarch.

Music Studio Time

During our stay in Latvia, I seized the opportunity to collaborate with talented Latvian producers, Egons and Karlis, in Egon's music studio in Jelgava.

The creative energy was great, and I am eagerly anticipating the final product—a song about "Becoming One". Karlis, who created the beat, is a travelling artist and I appreciated meeting and working with him.

Back to Bergen,Norway

Upon our return to Bergen, Norway,I had a full day to rest before it was back to my home office job, even though I felt rather tired with an irritating flu.

Last Saturday, 27.01.2024, my daughter Ondeya and I travelled by bus to the city's edge to attend a monthly fellowship event. Since we arrived an hour too early, we took advantage of the mild winter climate to explore a nearby forest with scenic hiking trails.

January was a rather long, cold month but I believe what matters is always what we do with our free time.

Until next time, take care and embrace your year ahead.

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