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'Jamming' with NaJah

We all love music, it improves moods, decrease pain and anxiety, and facilitate opportunities for emotional expression and much much more. Without further due let me introduce NaJah who creates music for the soul so lets start jamming..

Johanna Nangula Tommasi or better known by her stage name NaJah is a Namibian Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist & Creative Director.

She sings in English & Oshiwambo. Since 2013 she has been gaining public attention while performing at events and venues in Namibia's Capital City Windhoek, including the annual Franco Namibia Cultural Centre's 'World Music Day', Warehouse Theater,

National Theatre of Namibia, Windhoek Ai-Gams & Jazz Festivals.

NaJah studied African Performing Arts at the College of Arts in Windhoek from 2013-

15 where she majored in Music Theory and Guitar. She was also trained in playing

the African Drums (Ngoma & Djembe), Marimba & Mbira.

She also taught herself to play the Bass guitar, Blues Harmonica, Percussion & Drum Kit. Performing solo and accompanied by a live band she composes music in the

genres of Afro fusion, Shambo, Jazz, Reggae & Folk.

NaJah's lyrics reflect much of her life in Namibia with songs highlighting corruption,

capitalism, poverty, injustice, love & culture, often loaded with moral questions, messages &

references. She looks forward to furthering her studies in Musicology while currently

preparing to launch her Debut Album 'Too Blessed To Stress' with her band.


After embarking on music as a career in 2013, NaJah teamed up with Windhoek based producer and arranger Danny Azangi to produce her debut album titled ‘Too Blessed To Stress’(T.B.T.S.). Titled after one of the songs on her album, ‘T.B.T.S’ is a positive way of looking at life and remembering to be thankful for what you have. The phrase is a way to generally relate a particular attitude toward life where people chose to live in faith rather than worry, counting your blessing, not your troubles.

Featured on this album are the vocals and guitar skills of Shishani on ‘Sister Sister’, vocals of Ras Colour on ‘Chasing Time’, Zen-Zo on back-up vocals and collaboration on ‘Omutima Wange’, vocals of the Hallelujah Brothers on ‘Ghetto’ alongside instrumentalists Imms Nicolau (Guitar), Fernando Paulus (Drums), Christian Polloni (Guitar), and Danny Azangi (Keys and Sound Engineering).

The album is a compilation of 13 songs plus 2 additional alternative mixes of two songs included on the album.

Speaking about her album, NaJah says, “This album is my journey through self-reflection, a season of growth, intimate thoughts and conversation. It is a composition of musical adventure and discovery. Each song carries its own melody and message.”

In 2015 NaJah released the 1st single from her album titled ‘Uufiku Ule’, (Oshiwambo for, ‘the night is long’) where she sings about the dynamics of a relationship which has come to an end. Most of her lyrics are sung in English, singing about perseverance, culture, injustice and love. ‘Uufilku Ule’ is accompanied by a classic video released on her online YouTube channel, NBC T.V. and OneAfrica T.V.

is not intent on “changing the music industry” but rather through her music, she strives to inspire positivity in her listeners, adding meaning and bringing joy to everyday lives, promoting the experience of live music which has been scientifically proven to make people happier and reduce anxiety and stress, especially when experienced in a community environment.

Too Blessed To Stress’ is set to be released to the public on the 25th February 2022 in Windhoek, Namibia but the album can also already be purchased via pre order. Tickets are currently available on +264 85 7594740. We can't wait...

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Facebook: Nangula NaJah & Ovambostarnajah

Youtube: NahJahAfrika

Instagram: najahafrika

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