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Jamal-The Emerging Artist

Investing in emerging and upcoming artists should be a priority in every country.

The appreciation and exposure of them should not be defined by how long they have been creating artwork, but rather on how good their work is.

Namibia based Jamal Wallis Rose is an experimental young artist, his primary source of inspiration is real-life from everyday objects, conversations, situations, and routines. The artist's juxtapositions and painterly technique tell many different stories

He uses mediums such as oil pastels & soft pastels, charcoal, chalk, oil paint, acrylic, craft and water paints.

Being only 17 years of age, Jamal expresses a certain maturity and thoughtfulness in his art. He uses his artistic skills as a mechanism to pass on his innermost thoughts.

Born in Windhoek, Namibia, Jamal was sent to live with his grandparents in the beautiful coastal town of Swakopmund.

Nestled between the world's oldest desert Namib and the cold Atlantic Ocean, this charming little town has produced quite a few well known artists.

Jamal emphasises that it was there where he first started to experiment with his God given talent. He then took up Visual Arts as a subject at Namib High School and has never regretted his decision ever since.

In his own words he is a very persistent young man in pursuit of his Passion.

Having recently graduated from High School, Jamal intends to further his studies in Visual Arts but his family is struggling financially and can't afford to pay for it.

Right now the talented but financially struggling artist is looking for good Samaritans out there who want to assist him further to fulfil his dream of studying.

I believe Jamal has only just begun his artistic journey, perhaps one day his artwork will be hanging in art galleries all around the world. The Power of Believe.

(* all photos & Artwork by Jamal Wallis Rose)

Contact Jamal Walis Rose at:


Mobile/ WhatsApp: +264 81 0422853

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