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Music is always pleasure for minds & souls.

Ever since I moved to Latvia I get creative with musicians like Derwayne "British", Egons"Grizzlie" and Daniel "Moriento", some talented individuals.

Poetry is my thing but I enjoy meeting like minded creative heads who push their limits.

Last Saturday we headed out of Riga to the Museum of Battles in More located in a historic place — Sigulda protection line of WWII.

During WWII some important battles took place in the More rural territory, between the soldiers of the 19th division of the Latvian Legion and the Soviet Red Army. Authentic weapons and other evidence from the past are displayed inside the museum. Furthermore, there is also a nice guide Antons Bracs who tells about the rough times in More and Latvia in general.

It was here we decided to shoot some parts of our Immortals music video.

Boys will be be Boys and so we all had fun playing around with guns and getting into our character roles.

It was Lights, Cameras & Actions on the former battle ground.

We spent the whole Saturday shooting, we sometimes had to wait for the sun to reappear from behind the clouds.

This is just one of several projects in the pipeline and I look forward to more poetry, music and videos.

To visit the Museum of Battles in More


Siguldas novads Mores pagasts Kalna Kaņēni

Tel.: +371 29446115 Tel.: +371 26699694

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