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I survived -20 Degrees

Saturday night and Sunday morning saw air temperatures reaching their lowest levels for several years in many parts of Latvia as a result of a polar weather system moving south.

The lowest air temperature in Latvia was -30.8 degrees Celsius in Staļģene near Jelgava, and such a severe freeze has not been experienced in the country since 2017, according to the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center (LEGMC).

Since I have also never witnessed such cold temperatures, I challenged myself to head out instead of being indoors where its nice and warm.

My wife Leila and I headed out to Jurmala to walk along the beach and see parts of the Baltic Sea being frozen.

I dressed up warm and besides the cold hitting my face unrelenting, it was a rather pleasant day out. Now I can say that I have witnessed the heat of the Namib Desert reaching 40-50 degrees and almost suffocated due to the humidity when I visited the Equator and I survived -20 Degrees in the Baltics.

I look forward to my next adventure & challenge...

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