I Fight

I fight you, i fight me, i fight the World

I fight for Corona to kick the dirt,

I am bullet proof, battle scarred, I am alert,

I fight for Iraq & Syria's children because they continue to hurt.

I fight for him,I fight for her

In troubled times it is hard to see where freedom lurks,

Bob Marley once sang he heard "3 little birds"

I fight Police brutality, I fight Racism,

Imagine how much a knee on a neck hurts,

It is for Freedom that We still march and wear Black Lives Matter shirts,

I fight Ignorance, I fight Corruption

I fight Myanmar's military state,

I fight for millions of Rohinga refugees who are displaced.

I fight for Yemen, I fight for Sudan and what its people believe

I fight for Africa,I fight for government relief.

I fight you, I fight me,I fight for the world

I fight for freedom,I fight for what it is worth.

Nessy Shimwafeni


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