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I Dreamt of Namibia

I got to break free,poof become ghost

Escape to Namibia,the place I love the most.

Soak in sunshine, winding down dirt roads,

from the Fish River Canyon up Skeleton Coast.

Fresh breeze on the Ocean,

"Mr Frederick please prepare Alice the boat",

Happy people, oysters, champagne lets toast.

I go on Safari, answer nature's call

See the Big 5 and all the creepy crawl,

Cruising through Etosha, I end up Bungee jumping at Victoria Falls,

the sun,the adventures, yes I want it all.

Time to meet my people and enjoy pure laughter,

a good time without a Barbeque? that would be a disaster.

Ocean view, Sundowners at the Rafter's,

I need me a Good time for memories long after.

Nessy Shimwafeni

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