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Hi my dear readers how are you doing?,

it has been far too long(9 months to be exact) that I haven't updated and written anything on my blog.

I will be honest life was keeping me busy, but once a writer always a writer.

So accept my humble apologies if you have yearned for some new poems, travel updates and much much more. Well the exciting news is that I am back for your reading pleasure.

So what have I been up to in the past 9 months you may ask?

Well to be honest, I took time out to focus on my daughter Ondeya who inherited my energetic and social genes it seem.

She turned 1 year and 8 months this November and is quite a handful as she seldom sits still.

So during the day we take her to the Creche where she learns new skills daily and that allows us parents to focus on our remote work from home.

My daughter has also starting to speak a mix of Latvian and English as her mom talks to her in Latvian and I converse in English with her.

Summer came and went and now the long, dark Latvian winter months are starting. But my family is my sunshine during that time. And of course I will keep writing more.

So like I wrote in the beginning, I am excited to write again for your reading pleasure and look forward to hear back from you.

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