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DAY 1, 14.09.2020


Everyone deserves a break from their busy daily schedules.

I work from home and spend at least 5 days indoors in the week.

My holiday started for a week and what better way to spend it then by exploring Latvia better.

My wife Leila and I woke up at 05h30 AM to get prepared and by 07h20 AM we were sitting on the train on our way to Daugavpils.

The train was empty which is always welcomed in this Corona time.

I spent most of the train ride sleeping and listening to The Namibian radio station Fresh FM.

From Riga we travelled about 230 km while the weather outside was cloudy and rainy.

After we arrived about 11h30, we booked ourselves into the Biplan City Hotel which is cheap, great and situated in the city centre of Daugavpils.

We rested for a while and charged our phones, then we were out and about exploring the city. I can only recommend it.

Biplan City Hotel

Viestura iela 21


WhatsApp/ Telephone: +371 29999930


Daugavpils is a city in south-eastern Latvia, located on the banks of the Daugava River, from which the city gets its name. It is the second-largest city in the country after the capital Riga, which is located some 230 kilometres (143 miles) to its north-west.

Since the Second World War, it has maintained an overwhelmingly Russian-speaking population, with Latvians and Poles being significant minorities.

Historically, German and Yiddish were additional prominent native languages.

As of 1 January 2020, the city had a population of 82,046.

The historical centre of Daugavpils city is an architectural heritage of national importance (the construction work was carried out in the 19th century according to the project endorsed in St Petersburg in 1826). The historical centre is the greatest attraction of the city and one of the most successful examples of balancing the aspects of ancient and modern times.

Daugavpils is one of the few cities in Latvia which can pride itself on a unified ensemble of both classic and eclectic styles. The cultural heritage of architectural, artistic, industrial, and historical monuments combined with the picturesque surroundings create the essence of Daugavpils’ image and endow it with a special charm.

We had fun exploring the city even though the weather was a bit chilly and cloudy.

We also stopped by the Daugavpils Tourism Info Centre and the ladies working there were very helpful and explained everything we need to see in and around the city.

I recommend you stop there to get all the right info for your sightseeings.

Daugavpils Tourist Information Centre

+371 65422818

FB: Daugavpils.Travel

It was the first day of my holiday and I look forward to just chill, eat, sleep and explore.

To be Continued....

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