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Hiking - Ogre Zilie Kalni Nature Park

Winter has started here in Latvia and it is the 3rd Advent which means Christmas is just around the corner.

This year Christmas will be much different as we are under lockdown and families are not allowed to be together as usual.

My friends Linda and Sandris who I got to know whilst working in Greece, decided to take my wife Leila and I out for a drive to the Ogre Zilie Kalnie Nature Park.

We met them at 11 am and we drove the short distance out from Riga to enjoy hiking in the forest.

It was snowing a bit and we climbed up on a platform where we had a beautiful view over the surroundings and lake.

It was interesting that the lake was frozen so I walked on to it.

Some kids were throwing rocks onto the frozen lake which created beautiful melodies.

Imagine I saw a visitor swimming in the cold weather, shoo I hope he didn't catch a cold.

Leila went to gather some barks for our rabbits Tom&Jerry and we enjoyed the cold fresh air.

I always recommend during Corona lockdown to go for a walk into nature as it very refreshing for the body, mind&soul.

Ogre Zilie Kalni Nature Park

It is an EU protected habitat – a coniferous forest growing on the esker ridge of the Ogre Blue Hills – it covers most of the nature park's territory and is home to 18 protected plant species, six protected bird species and several protected insect species.

A splendid view opens from the 30-meter-high observation tower on the highest of the hills.

Sandris&Linda dropped us back at our place in afternoon and I already look forward to the next time we go hiking. And yes a barbecue in winter outdoors is my next activity.

Stay healthy and always go for a walk.

Much Love, Nessy

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