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Hello from the Other Side

Hi everyone, I trust you are safe and social distancing yourself.

It's been a minute that you haven't heard from me and I apologise for my long silence.

I have had a lot of things on my plate working from home for Apple and upgrading our apartment.

I guess its also needed to keep still for a while and observe the world from a distance.

I trust you are all fine and like me you learned that the year 2020 shows us to appreciate the small things in life and we only have this life to live.

Leila and I are still enjoying exploring Lativa and cities like Jelgava, Sigulda and Liepaja are now too familiar to me. I balance my explorations with my home office job for Apple so during the week I am home and weekends out and about.

I enjoy that Latvia has soo many Name days( where people celebrate their given names), so there is always something to celebrate.

I trust you are all keeping safe and protecting your loved ones and yourself.

I love you all.

Like the Terminator says: "I am Back".

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