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Heal The World

(The time is now) Money, Fame and Fortune Unattainable ghosts many of us chase in a Material world, We do whatever it takes to be at first place. It once took a village to raise a child But the spirit of Ubuntu (togetherness) is no longer the case, "Greediness will kill humanity", shaking her head, is what my grandmother says. The world's richest 10% own 85% of global wealths the bottom half owns barely 1%, Isn't that a shame and disgrace? They say Life is a journey, then why are most of us caught up in a rat race? Old habits die slow, It's hard to change when you are too stuck in your ways, Man in the mirror, do you recognise my face? One planet, 8 billion souls Earth is increasingly becoming a crowded place, Scientists warned us, told us, we are fast approaching mankind's end of days. We abuse Non-Renewable resources that we can't replace, Whole forests, precious green lungs are chopped off and set ablaze, Oceans drown in plastics and for hundreds of years the rubbish stays. One by one we kill endangered species from elephants to whales Once our Ozone layer is gone, the earth will be consumed by the sun's cosmic rays. If I was a magician, I would escape through Einstein's theory of relativity and transverse through time and space. Whenever I write I try to speak the truth I never aim to be a prophet of doom, If I make you feel uncomfortable, good, let me raise the temperature some more in your room. The time to heal our world is now None of us will stay immune, If you care do your part, don't let our planet die too soon. Let us heal the world, so that one day the next generations can frolic under the sun and admire all the stars and the moon, Breathe in fresh air while children get to play outside in the morning or the afternoon. Nessy Shimwafeni ( 29.03.2020

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