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Hard Times

Hard times make friendships and bonds grow stronger than John Cena I pray for our future to finally look greener, Where our children can play without masks on grass like Serena, Imagine your every sin is forgiven by Christ the redeemer, Even during this pandemic i remain a hopeful dreamer.

People are being decimated by Covid 19, You better get that injection like a drugged up feen, Its hard to describe all the pain I have seen, Everybody lost somebody, you know what I mean? Millions died, daily more become patients Sometimes Anxiety cant be cured by patience, While the West keeps hoarding all vital Vaccinations, they couldn't care less about African nations.

Travel restrictions, every week new laws are passed Dear God the world needs a miracle fast, I keep praying that this shit wont last. I am being spiritually direct, Tupac said after every dark night comes a brighter day, thats a fact Mission seems Impossible, but this aint a movie in which people die to act. To everyone we‘ve lost I pay my sincere respect, To the survivors keep your Faith intact.

Nessy Shimwafeni

Riga, Latvia 02.07.2021

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