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Happy Born Day

Recently on the 7th of March, my precious daughter Ondeya turned 2 years young.

Time flies, it seems just like yesterday she was born. Now my little darling is an all active social butterfly who loves to talk in Latvian & English, dance, sing and explore her surrounding.

My wife Leila and I had organised a photoshoot with a photographer in Riga to celebrate her mile stone. But guess what, on that Saturday of all days, she was in a bad mood as she was intimidated by the photographer with her her big cameras, so some of the photos did not come out as we had hoped for.

On the Sunday my in-laws came over to our place to celebrate Ondeya's born day with us.Fun was definitely had..

Also excuse my silence for the past few months, but I had bit of winter blues and spent most time at home working and being with my family.

Now that spring is just around the corner, I feel happier, since I am from Namibia and enjoy the sunshine very much. My family and I look forward to the trips and the many barbecues we so enjoy. After almost 3 years in Latvia, we also look forward to move to Bergen, Norway in August.

Hey but that's still far away on the calendar, so summer we will be travelling around Latvia and also attend some child friendly events.

"Summer,Summer,Summer time"; the song by the The Fresh Prince comes to mind as I finish writing this.

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