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Going Green

Currently Latvia is experiencing hot summer days and nights with temperatures ranging between 30-32 degrees. Since I am a child of the sun I don't have any problems with the heat only the humidity.

In June my wife Leila and I acquired a small plot of land measuring 300 square metres in Tirraine where we live.

The plan is to grow our own vegetables for own consumption and flowers but when I first saw the overgrown piece of land, I felt like wow this will be a big challenge.

You see even though it was fenced in, there was just overgrown grass with no water or sanitary installation. But since my wife Leila and I love challenges, we took it upon ourselves to cut and clear the grass and install a water connection.

They say Rome wasn't built in a day and everything always takes time.

We are still in the middle of finishing our lovely small wooden garden house which will be like our little home away from home, and I believe by end of July everything should be ready.

We often walk to our garden in the late afternoons when its not too hot and do some work.

Our daughter Ondeya already loves the garden and she enjoys the fresh air a lot.

We have already barbecued in the garden but I look forward to invite friends and family by August which is also my birthday month.

Yes we are in love with our little garden and it is a joy to see it change from Nothing into Something everyday.

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