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Frances Dupree


Frances Dupree hails from Victorville, USA, she says she is a child of God who wears many hats.

She is a God-fearing woman who is a wife and mother.

Frances is a new Author who learned that her truth is worth telling to save other souls. Through disobedience She was exposed to many dangers such as Depression, Poverty, Suicidal thoughts and attempts, and physical as well as Emotional Abuse.

But She is a survivor and says God never took His Hands off of her life.

Frances says Her Abba Father had blessed her to get out of that situation alive and with a story to tell.

She is a Motivational Speaker that understands the value of speaking life into a person and a dead situation in their life.

She is the CEO of the God’s Will Ministries.

She is an epitome and walking testimony that restoration and redemption does exists.

I believe that regardless of who we are and were we come from, the most important thing in life is who we become, and how many people we can impact positively.

I caught up with Frances to discuss her new upcoming Book

Marrying Outside God's Will....

Synopsis of her book: A story about the dangerous heights of looking for Love in all the wrong places and the soul-ties that are broken when God's love, forgiveness, and mercy overpowers the plans of the enemy and sets you up for greatness and unmerited favor.

Afronaut: Hi Frances thanks for making time to chat to me.

Tell us Who is Frances Dupree?

Frances: It's interesting that you ask me that question because for many years I did not know who Frances was.

I knew the titles that Frances held such as a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, student, and employee. The fact that I did not know who Frances was really bothered me so after my divorce I had to take the time and learn who Frances was all over again.

What I learned is that I have a heart of God, I love helping others.

My favorite color is red because I am a hopeless romantic. I am very indecisive at times and it drives my husband and close friends crazy. When I am hurt, angry, or sad I close myself off to everyone.

Afronaut: What inspired you to become an Author and Motivational Speaker?

Frances: While I was in Bible College working on my BA in ministry, I kept saying that I was going to write a book called Marrying Outside of God's Will.

One night my sisters were on the prayer line and my sister I was in the car with I asked her for the number to get on the line.

The prophet on the line told me that I needed to stop starting and writing my book, that I needed to finish writing it because souls were depending on it.

Now mind you only my two sisters knew that I actually had started writing the book so I knew that the prophet wasn't lying.

So from that night on I started writing and I was determined to finish because I felt like God had given me a specific assignment and I needed to complete it.

Now in regards to the motivational speaker part I have a mentor/coach by the name of Alicia George and during one of our sessions she said I need you to get your business cards made and they need to say author and motivational speaker.

When she said that something stirred up in my spirit, that with all of the journeys that I have experienced in life and all of the blessings that God has given me my testimony is a motivator. To be honest if was nothing but God that I had the idea because I can't think of any other reason I would want to write the book in the beginning.

When I first sat and started writing the book my divorce was fresh, the ink didn't even dry all the way, and I was so bitter so of course I made my ex sound like a monster.

But after some time of healing, experiencing life, spending time with God, and experiencing pure genuine love again I started to write again. Except this time I was able to write from a place of love because I was being loved the right way.

Afronaut: You are also the CEO of God's Will Ministries, What are You all about?

France: Our ministry is a place of healing and restoration.

Our mission is to empower and influence young American ladies to weather through the storms of marrying outside of God’s will.

Afronaut: What do You get up to when you are not busy writing or giving Motivational Talks?

Frances: I'm a simple person that loves simple things like going to the movies with my husband or supporting my children at their games and award ceremonies at school.

Afronaut: As a mompreneur, how do you balance your personal and professional life?

Frances: I have a great support system, my husband, my mother-n-law, my son's God mom/sister, my sister they all help me. I have eight sons and one daughter to be exact and sometimes it is very overwhelming. I'm in the process of finishing my BA in criminal justice,

I am putting the finishing touches on my book and it's in the publishing process,

I am pre-selling books, a wife, mother, and now home school teacher it is a lot.

However, I pray and command my day, I make sure that all of my children get the individual attention that they need, I always make sure that my husband and I have our one-on-one time. At night is when I usually do homework. I market and manage my book from my phone.

Afronaut: What 2 tips would you share with people who may be experiencing uncertainty and challenges in this season?

Frances: My first tip is find a place all to yourself scream, cry, and pray give it all to God,

my second tip once you give it to him do not take it away and start moving in faith as if everything that is troubling you is already done.

This is way easier said then done because I still struggle with it but I am getting better at it day by day.

Afronaut: What is next for you in 2020 and What are your Future Goals?

Frances: Marrying Outside of God's Will is going to be fully published the beginning of April.

I am planing a book release and signing which all details and updates on the event can be located on my website at

I have a goal of becoming a Criminal Defense Attorney because I want to speak and fight for those that can't do it for themselves.

I am trying to build an empire and to own property and land so I can leave a legacy for my children. These are all the things that I learned about myself.

Afronaut: Frances thank you for your time and I wish you all the best with your book publication and future endeavours.

How can readers who are interested to connect with you find you online? Frances: Thank you Nessy, May God bless Everybody and heal the world during this terryifing time!!

Facebook: Frances Dupree

Instagram: mrs_ninethehardway


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