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For the Love of Music

I have loved music ever since I was a young boy. I started writing my own poems and Hip Hop lyrics in Primary school and never stopped.

For me Poetry and Music are expressions of ones feelings & moods whether Happy, Sad, or In love.

I have had the pleasure of having had my poetry read out at international events like the Greenwich Stand Up Poetry fest in New York and I organised the Expo village Weekly Poetry Get together whilst I lived and worked in Shanghai, China in 2010. Some of my poetry was published in Namibia and South Africa.

Here in Latvia I met Derwyn aka "British" a musical artist from Jamaica and he introduced me to Egon aka "Grizlee" a Latvian rapper and music producer.

Last Sunday Derwyn picked me up from home and we drove the short distance from Riga to Egon's studio in Jelgava.

Now I must admit I gave up performing Hip Hop years ago(only hobby these days) and mostly write poetry but I had fun coming up with lyrics to Egon's catchy and great beats.

At the end of the afternoon we had recorded a song together and I will meet up more often with Derwyn & Egon to produce music which is food for the soul.

Thats what music does, it can bring people from total different cultural backgrounds together.

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