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February: A Month of Love, Learning, and Exploration

Greetings, dear readers!

As we step into February, often celebrated as the month of love, I extend my warm wishes.

Here in Norway, Bergen, the weather has lately been unpredictable with a mix of sun, snow, rain, and even hail.

Despite the ever-changing weather, my family and I have been navigating through it while

prioritizing our well-being. Taking good care of ourselves has been crucial in winter but we all three fell sick at some point.

Learning Norwegian

I've recently started learning Norwegian twice a week for 3 hours after work at the University of Bergen.

The language's roots in Germanstik, coupled with my proficiency in German and Afrikaans(Dutch), have opened my door to understanding, and I am optimistic about mastering it in the near future.


Adding another layer to my journey, I've embraced photography as a newfound hobby. Sundays in Bergen offer a quiet atmospher with most shops closed and quiet streets.

It has become my favorite day to explore the city, capturing its essence through my camera lens. I've coined this photo exploration as "Meeting Bergen," a personal project that not only hones my photographic skills but also allows me to connect with the soul of this charming city.

As I immerse myself in the art of photography, I eagerly anticipate meeting like-minded individuals who share a passion for this visual art. My aspiration is to connect with experienced photographers who can give me valuable insights and help elevate my skills to new heights.

With the year 2024 still in its early stages, I made a promise to myself to embrace new hobbies and to continuously learn new things.

Studying Norwegian and delving into photography are just the beginning, and I am committed to keeping this promise to self-discovery and personal growth.

May your February be filled with warmth, love, and exciting discoveries.

Here's to a great start and a month brimming with possibilities!

1 Love,


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