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Updated: May 2, 2020

We all need family right.

Remember when Robert de Niro said in the movie Godfather, "Family is all you ever need".

I grew up in Germany as a child without my biological family, but when I met most of my siblings in Namibia as a teenager we grew close. My dad has many kids as he was never in one place for too long, but I love my family, who are too many too mention.

I will try to feature all of them with time, please accept my apologies if I didnt feature you now. Give me time.

I am a true Shimwafeni and together we carry the Legacy of Tate Soini ya Shimwafeni. One Love

Namadi Shimwafeni - Big Brother( with his wife Esther)

My best teacher of Namibian culture, he was my replacement dad. A strong family man who likes to gym. Don't mess with him. Namadi is my best friend and advisor. This man loves his family. He works hard and never takes No for an answer. Always pushing hard until he gets his way. Proud to be his younger brother..

The Boss Madam - Ester Kali

She is one of the best Ceo's in Namibia and a self made entrepreneur and one of the strongest woman I know. Ester is smart, beautiful and strong, so I had to get married to a woman that's close to her personality. Whenever I am down I look at her picture and say I will become successful like Ester. The oldest of the siblings she has the obligation to keep the Shimwafeni clan as one like in the Mafia Movies.She should run for President of Namibia.

Kafute Inge Shilunga

Ooh my beautiful sister is a strong willed character who doesn't take nonsense.

You definitely want to be in the good books with her. Kafute has a heart of Gold and is a

kind soul who takes good care of her family and everyone she loves. She is a former beauty pagent winner, who turned into a business woman.

She has the ability to take over any conversation.

She has helped so many family members including me to get where they are.

Paulus Shimwafeni

The Police officer and our Angolan Connection.

Just like his father before him, Paulus is all about Law & Order.

His mother is from Angola and Paulus is more Angolan than Namibian.

Glad we recently got back in touch after loosing contact for so many years.

My brother is a tall, gentle soul who loves all of his family members dearly. Can't wait for him to tie the knot and get married.

Rauha Shimwafeni

Rauha was always a smart girl, so she proved the Shimwafeni's have brain when she studied Science at University. Today she is a loving mother, a career woman and married to one of Namibia's most successful entertainers.

Martin Shimwafeni

I know now that Law & Order flows through the Shimwafeni blood. Martin is a soldier in the Namibian Defence Force. As a young man he was living wild and free but he recently got married and settled down, so I believe he became softer.

We sometimes struggle to understand each other because he speaks mostly Oshimwambo and I suck at it. Tall guy with a soft heart.He will make a good body guard...

Regina Shimwafeni Fikameni

Ooh this is my young sister who I care too much about. A fashionista with smart brains and strong character. She is the sweetest one of my sisters and such a good soul.

If you mean well she will help you, but if you mean bad she will make your life a hell.

Shalongo Shimwafeni

The man who became a detective like his father. Always out there trying to catch criminals. Good that I am on his side. He loves the north of Namibia, a good party and drinks.

I believe like our dad he is a true gentleman and ladies man. He always has smile on his face.

Rebeca Shimwafeni

One of the youngest members of the Shimwafeni clan. She is still young and trying to find her feet in this world. But my dad blessed us all with smartness and good looks, so I know she will become a leader. I call her my baby sister.

Suzan Shimwafeni representing Haiduwa Shimwafeni

Haiduwa was my younger brother who was tragically killed in a car accident a few years back.

I miss you deeply my brother, we has good times and you showed me the north Namibia the best way possible. We talked many times deeply and my heart bleeds every time I think of you. Believe we will meet in hesven soon. Please reserve my seat next to you.

Suzan, your daugther looks just like you and is becoming prettier by the day. She will make you proud. Beautiful Shimwafeni blood running through her blood. I know she will represent. One Love.

Well I love being a Shimwafeni and I will keep updating on all of my siblings.

Love You all.

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