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Embracing the Festive Magic: A Winter Weekend in Bergen

December has painted Bergen in a picturesque winter atmosphere, setting the stage for a truly enchanting festive season. The city is buzzing with the joyful spirit of Christmas, and our past weekend was a delightful immersion into the holiday magic.

Our Saturday adventure kicked off with buying our first Norwegian Christmas tree, marking the beginning of our seasonal celebrations.

We choose a lovely tree and the Sales lady Anna told us that through buying a tree we are supporting a project that they work with in Uganda.

The afternoon brought a heartwarming invitation to a Pepper cake bake-out at Ondeya's kindergarten known as barnehage in Norway, uniting families in a shared joy of holiday baking.

Laughter and flour filled the air as we all joined in the festive spirit, creating memories that will surely last a lifetime. We finished the day with a visit to the Xmas fair, where a myriad of stalls and festive rides created a lively atmosphere.

Sunday unfolded with the sweet aroma of Leila's delicious pancakes, setting the perfect tone for the day. Leila decided to stay home so Ondeya and I then met up with my fellow Namibian friend, Diana and her son Andreas, for an adventure.

Together, we ascended Mt. Fløyen via the Fløybanen cable cars, immersing ourselves in the breathtaking views and the warm winter air.

The mountain hike, accompanied by a rare winter sun, offered a rejuvenating experience as we explored the scenic trails around Mt.Fløyen.

We had to make sure not fall on the slippery paths and had a laugh about not falling down.

Surprisingly sunny weather added a unique touch to our winter day.

To cap off our weekend adventure, we treated ourselves to a nice meal at a local restaurant.

As the festive mood begins in Bergen. Our weekend was a testament to the magic that December brings. From selecting our Christmas tree to sharing moments with a fellow Namibian, each experience added a brushstroke to the canvas of our winter memories in Norway.

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