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Day 9 Quarantine: Getting There

How did I get here?, please remind me.

You will be surprised how time flies, I think I gained like a 5 Kg but perhaps its just my imagination.

Dont want to bore you with my routine today but it is now a deep rooted part of me.

Besides the usual, wifey Leila and I are keep our spirits up by cooking together, spending much time together, but at the same time I need to tell you its very important you do you. Have time for yourself during quarantine.

Cycled again today and explored the empty streets of our neighbourhood.

If I was a movie producer, I would send my camera people out to take pictures of the deserted streets. This is really intense movie material.

Finished writing about my Greece experience overview until my head started paining.

From 14h00 until 19h00 time seemed to have just vanished into thin air, so when you find yourself in quarantine, make sure you keep yourself busy.

Time is all we have but it is slipping away fast like God sent us a reminder to appreciated every minute of our lives.

I will sit at my PC until late tonight just being creative.

Dinner? Well it is my turn to cook but I dont feel like it. There is still food from yesterday left over, so that shall do.

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