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Day 8 Quarantine: Lazy Day

When I opened my eyes this morning, the time was 10 am.

I put my head back down to just lie in bed a bit longer.

My legs ached because of having cycled and played basket ball yesterday.

For someone who likes to plan their time ahead and being an extrovert, quarantine can be a challenge at times. But that part of me is being cancelled out by the creative artist in me who likes to just sit the whole day and write. Quarantine is a perfect time for intense meditation and excercise which calm the mind down, and the silence is refreshing to the soul.

I read e-mails,news and continued working on my blog.

I am satisfied that another one of my ideas has come to bear fruit.

The blog had been in the back of my mind for quite a while, so now iam just fine tuning it.

Decided to add an Art&Culture page on my blog where I will feature creative talents from around the world. I invite any of you artists out there to contact me if want want to feature.

My aim is to build bridges and help promote Arts worldwide.

The day seemed longer than usual, in the eveing Leila prepared soup and I washed the dishes. In the beginning I was thinking, wow spending the next 2 weeks at home with my wife, won't we be getting on our nerves? But we are actually getting along fine and our marriage is growing stronger by the day.

Like TIce Cube once rapped " Today was a good day".

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