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Day 7 of Quarantine: Fresh Air

Woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny day with birds singing outside.

After my daily meditation and workout, I took a bath and a nutrious breakfast.

Leila and I spontaneously decided to cycle,with her playing my tour guide showing me around our neighborhood of Marupes.

We stopped by the grocery shop and I am positively impressed that shoppers didn't panic buy and there's enough food stocked in the Latvian shops.

There is also free strong hand sanitizers at all public places available.

After buying our essentials we cycled some more and stopped to watch horses.

It feels good breathing in fresh air and to be in touch with nature.

I took my basketball along so we visited a court for practice.I can not stress it too much that excercise during quarantine is very important.

Today for a meal Leila decided to prepare Buckwheat,a traditional whole wheat with chicken.Tasted good.

Please check out my features site where I uploaded a healthy Quarantine grocery list.

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